Los Chilaquiles’n

Is a traditional Mexican dish made of fried tortilla chips in different sauces.


Lightly fried in the most popular red sauce in the world…»  as Don Cayetano would humbly say.


$124.00 With Chicken $166.00


Lightly fried in the tastiest green sauce that you have ever tasted.


$124.00 With Chicken $166.00


In a hot habanero chile sauce specially designed» for those that «had one too many the night before.


$124.00 With Chicken $166.00

En Mole Poblano

With the already famous 36 ingredients recipe. By the way, how many can you identify?


$124.00 With Chicken $166.00

De la Sierra

As it is the custom in Mazamitla, Tapalpa, Mascota, Talpa de Allende and «similar metropolis.» with poblano pepper slivers, panela cheese and a slight touch of buttermilk with the quality of our product that we make in San Miguel.


$124.00 With Chicken $166.00

Nana Mati

Scrambled with eggs and natural honey.


$124.00 With Chicken $166.00

Flor de Calabaza

The head of our kitchen, outdid himself with this «little orphan» squash flower sauce.  To die for!


$124.00 With Chicken $166.00

De la Troje

Topped with a sunny side up egg.


$135.00 With Chicken $177.00


Red or green with ham and eggs and our house beans.


$163.00 With Chicken $193.00


Red or green with selected beef fajitas….»delicious and not hot» it is rumored someone who tasted them said.



Toro de lidia

They are called this because these are fiercely hot. These come with beef steak in a green sauce and grilled onion rings



Chilaquiles Bandera

Undoubtedly the most popular of the house.   (They have three varieties of red chiles from the sierra, and poblano sauce) topped with a generous slice of panela cheese and served with our delicious house beans.



Chilaquiles Bandera con carnita

Choose: Pork rinds,  Rib steak, Birria (traditional goat stew) or Tongue.


with Rib steak, Birria (traditional goat stew) or Tongue. $389.00

Los de lengüa

​Why tell you about them?  Best try them and you will agree with us why these are one of the highlights of our menu.




Add Melted cheese from our mountains in Jalisco to any of our specialties.  Fantastic!


Please Add $41.00

Con Natas’n

(skimmed top of whole boiled milk) Our natas  are «lite» because they come from skinny cows…


Please Add $37.00

Please Add

Egg $21.00

Order of Jocoque (Buttermilk)   $101.00

Extra Arrachera 160g $110.00

Extra Tongue 130g $141.00

Extra pork crackling 220g $120.00

Extra Bacon 60g $52.00

Extra Shrimp 160g $111.00



* The price for half an order is 60% of the price of the full order.

* The dish will be served at the consideration of the client and the risk that it implies.


We have a farm that has little chickens fed with pasture, that are fed with grains and besides,»they were paired off with a rooster».

Revolviditos con jamón, tocino o salchicha

​Scrambled with ham, bacon or sausage always tastier… And even better if served with our refried house beans.


From the Barn $135.00
From the Ranch $139.00

Con Nopalitos

Little Prickly Pear Cactus Did you know that the Mexican nopal contains up to 30% of calcium and fiber. Great for the bones!


From the Barn $128.00
From the Ranch $132.00

A la Mexicana

With tomato, onion, coriander and green chili.


From the Barn $128.00
From the Ranch $132.00

Rancheros Bien Rancheros

On top of a crispy tortilla with Mexican sauce.


From the Barn $128.00
From the Ranch $132.00

Huevos Sorpresa

Two tortillas filled with a fried egg each bathed with the house mole,bsprinkled sesame seeds and softened red onion.


From the Barn $128.00
From the Ranch $132.00

Con Papas y Chorizo

Here’s a tip, ask for a bread bun and spread with the beans and add the scrambled eggs with the potatoes and sausage…


From the Barn $135.00
From the Ranch $139.00


Even though divorced, truth be said… they get along great!


From the Barn $128.00
From the Ranch $132.00


Anything you can imagine: ham, bacon, peppers, sausages, potatoes with Spanish sausages, vegetarian, «low cholesterol» (meaning only the whites).


From the Barn $135.00
From the Ranch $139.00

Los Sopes’n

Corn dough rounds topped with your choice of delicious ingredients.
The truth… really great Sopes!

De Frijolitos’n

With our classic and delicious tasting house refried beans.



Con Rajas y Panela

What delicious slivers of poblano chili and cheese!!



De Papas con Chorizo

Fried cubed potatoes and country style sausage.



Chicharrón de Carnitas

Our famous recipe for the pork rinds is going around the world with lots of likes in Facebook.



Los Tamales’n y las Empanadas’n

El Tamal Oaxaqueño

Wrapped in a plantain leaf from a banana from the coast and filled with pork in adobe sauce. Very, very recommended.



Empanada de Plátano Macho

None other than Bono (the one that sings in a group supposedly called U2) was thrilled with this creation from our kitchen. The plantain is filled with chicken in adobe sauce and our mole, yes, the same as the one made with the 36 ingredients.



Las Gorditas’n

Gorditas, gorditas, but the truth is they are really great ! Handmade thick corn tortillas
(3 per order)

Estilo Doña Mary

With butter and salt. Fluffy and soft. Ideal with hot chocolate or the popular Mexican atole or champurrado.



De Frijolitos’n

Filled with the house refried beans. In San Miguel we say that every family has their own recipe… And every single one is great! Obvious that ours is not left behind!


Orden de 3 $86.00

De Rajas y Panela

The artisan panela that we make is the main ingredient in our poblano. slivers. We make this in our small dairy factory, located in the capital of the World. You know, right?


Orden de 3 $104.00

De Chicharrón de Carnitas

Your choose meaty pork rinds or pork rinds with meat… nothing changes the flavor as Heracleo, the great grammar school teacher would say.


Orden de 3 $160.00

Molletes y Semas

In Jalisco the semas are sweet and the women also.

De Frijolitos Gratinados

Two slices of a typical Tapatio bread bun with our beans and melted cheese from the region of Los Altos.



Con Chilaquiles’n

Red or green with melted cheese on top.




With strawberry marmalade, cajeta, (caramelized milk) sugar and cinnamon with butter. Try with Tia Trini honey… Pure health!




With Natas from San Miguel and the house’s touch. You can be sure our natas are «lite» because they come from skinny cows.



De Juera

They come beyond our borders of the honorable, free and sovereign republic of Jalisco

Quequis Dulces

On the other side they are called Hot-Cakes. You can have them with Tia Trini’s Honey, maple syrup or strawberry jam or with Nestle’s evaporated milk.



Quequis No Dulces

With ham or bacon on the side. If you like you can also add Tia Trini’s Honey, the really great one.



Orden De Fruta Natural

A combination of fresh fruit with or without cottage cheese, another option of those that are fast becoming thin as a twig.



Escamocha de Frutos Rojos

A mixture of stewed seasonal and  red fruits with a touch of orange juice. 



Yogur Natural de la Casa con Fruta, Granola y Miel

Bet you didn’t know that we produce our yogurt with natural cultures? Healthier than the one the Dalai Lama can get. 



Para las Chilaquilitas y los Chilaquilitos

Chilaquiles Coloraos ó Verdis

Child’s portion with house beans.



Quequis en Tamaño Infantil

Children´s portion with natural honey, maple syrup ham or sausage.



Nuggets de Pollo con Papas a
La Francesa

We have no happy boxes here, but we do have a lot of happy kids in the Chicks corral.



Huevitos al gusto

Eggs to your liking! With ham, sausage or bacon.




“Generosity is wary well looked upon in heaven”, so says Padre Victor.

Chilitos Güeros rellenos de Quesos salteados en Salsas Negras

Order of  3
They have our combination of melted cheeses and are sautéed in black sauces.



Taquitos Dorados de Frijolitos´n

Four fried taquitos with potatoes or beans with a fresh tomato sauce and lettuce. Ummm, you go when savoring these. Don’t you?



Tacos de Birria

The order comes with 3 tacos and broth.



Quesadillas de Panela en Tortillitas de Cilantro

Order of 2
An original variation of quesadillas with panela and coriander tortillas. Served with a side of the house’s beans.



Panela Asada en espejo de Chilito Chipotle

An old timer… panela on a red chipotle sauce. One more of our «cero carbohydrates» options for those that aspire to be a beanpole.



Queso Fundido

Our melted cheese is produced in Los Altos de Jalisco, with the same technique used for the past 50 years. Melted cheese dishes have «levels» as El Guero Moy states.


Wuth Mexican Sausage $185.00
With Mushrooms $162.00

Guacamole Al Gusto con Panela

Traditional guacamole with green tomatillo and cilantro with the necessary ingredients so that you can prepare the best in the whole wide world. Small bowls with chile de árbol, green chile, chile Habanero, lemon, purple onion, cilantro an tomato.


Add Beef Jerky $77.00
Add Pork Crackling $33.00

Ir Empezando

“What begins well ends well” Don Epifano used to say.

Quesadillas rellenitas De Huitlacoche

3 per order
Stewed fresh corn Huitlacoche (Remember that here, we do serve cheese with the quesadillas).



Tortitas Ahogadas de Chicharrón de Carnitas

2 per order
These are one of a kind because they are well filled with our special fried pork chicharron.



Sopa de Tortilla Estilo “Jalisco es México”

From the Mexican Recipe Cook Book by Diane Kennedy, who is one of the top researchers on the authentic Mexican cuisine. With a touch of avocado, strips of fried Chile papilla with its diced panel, the same that we make in San Miguel.



Sopa «Doña Alicia»

Spinach and corn soup. Just like my mom keeps making it. At the ranch we add lime juice and artizan fresh cheese.



Sopa de Fideos Secos o Calduditos

A noodle Mexican soup which you can order in a bowl or the dry version on a plate. Top with chopped banana like in the old days.



*Add 150 gr of guacamole


«Todos los Domingos» EXQUISITO MENÚDO





En Mole Artesanal

Covered in our house Poblano sauce, the same original recipe with 36 ingredients.


Filled with fresh cheese $123.00
Filled with shredded chicken $158.00


Covered in red sauce and filled with imported flank steak beef fajitas. «De-li-ciou-sous» as it said in the North.


Filled with fresh cheese $123.00
Filled with shredded chicken $158.00


Filled with chicken and covered with green tomato sauce.


Filled with fresh cheese $123.00
Filled with shredded chicken $158.00


Parboiled chicken covered in adobe sauce red, spicy, slightly hot sauce just as served at the Tlajomulco market in the town of Tlajomulco. You can add buttermilk or crushed tomato sauce and lettuce and radishes, as God intended.


Filled with fresh cheese $123.00
Filled with shredded chicken $158.00


Delicious bean sauce with sprinkled fresh cheese on top.


Filled with fresh cheese $123.00
Filled with shredded chicken $158.00


Covered in a poblano chili cream sauce. Not spicy at all.


Filled with fresh cheese $123.00
Filled with shredded chicken $158.00

De la Sierra

Covered in our traditional sauce from the Sierra with rajas and panela and Jocoqui (buttermilk) which we make.


Filled with fresh cheese $123.00
Filled with shredded chicken $158.00

Flor de Calabaza

Covered with our house squash flower sauce.


Filled with fresh cheese $123.00
Filled with shredded chicken $158.00

Los Chilaquiles

Simmered in a spectacular beets and chipotle chili sauce. The Mexicana pink color (Rosa Mexicano) es 100% natural. «Believe it or not». These are absolutely to be bragged about in face or whasup or instagram.


Filled with fresh cheese $123.00
Filled with shredded chicken $158.00


A delicious color parade with the best flavors of our Land: Our mole with 36 ingredients, Flor de Calabaza (Squash flower), beets and Poblano sauce.


Filled with fresh cheese $123.00
Filled with shredded chicken $158.00

Lo de Antaño

Slow fire cooking recipes from houses with high ceilings and large doorways

Birria “Los Chilaquiles”

Modestly, THE BEST BIRRIA in the World. So there!



Chamorro Horneado

Marinated in adobo sauce our pork shank, slowly oven cooked in its own juices. With boiled beans and hand made white corn tortillas.



Pollo en Mole Poblano Artesanal

Our poblano sauce mole with the 36 ingredients original recipe. How many can you identify?



Tuetanitos’n al Grill

Grilled bone marrows with a house seasoning recipe. With our mythical cilantro tortillas.



Medallones de Lengüa en Salsa Verde

Juicy Beef Tongue medallions with green sauce.With fried beans, cilantro and onion. Suggestion: Order green chiles to go with this dish and you´ll see how delicious this is!



Al Medio Día

Chile Poblano en espejo de Salsa Roja

Green Chile Stuffed with our combination of melted cheeses on a red sauce mirror. Highly recommended for vegetarians.



Rib-Ai 350 g.

The finest meat from Sonora.



Rib-Ai Arriero

Delicious Rib-Ai in strips sautéed in a chile de arbol butter, with Cambray potatoes, Cambray onions and mushrooms.



Pollo a la Talla

Roasted in our natural wood grill and with our vey original Adobe sauce as it is the custom on the coast.



Sabanita Gratinada

Thin beef steak with hose beans and melted cheese on top.



Milanesa Empanizadita de Res 200 g.

Breaded Beef Steak Juicy selected beef steak just like my Aunt Margarita made it.



Milanesa de Pechuga de Pollo 200 g.

Breaded Chicken Breast. The same but with chicken.



Muchos, Pa’muchos’n

As Father Chayo said: I give thanks to God because i have something to eat, health to be able to eat it and specially someone to eat it with.”

Discada para 2 Personas.

Choice arrachera, country sausage, bacon, ham, Cambray onions, bell peppers in their three colors, and chiles gueros.

Traditionally, «discadas» were cooked over plow disks that were used to plow the soil before sowing with which you can obtain different cooking points for the different kinds of combined meats.



Parrillada Tequilera.
Para 4 personas e Incluye Botella de Tequila.

Grilled over wood, Ribs, choice Arrachera flank steak, Chicken  a laTalla, Country Sausage, Panela from San Miguel, Nopalitos and House Beans with green chilies on the side.

It includes a 750 ml. bottle of Tequila Campo Azul. Soft drinks are not included.




Platanitos Tecomán

Plantains with cinnamon and sugar just like in Colima.



Flan Casero Doña Karina

Homemade and very tasty. Very LOS CHILAQUILES!



Jericalla de Lechi

Mexican Custard, milk baked at low fire with sugar and a touch of vanilla. Our version of Creme Brulée. Delicious!



Pastel de Elote con Miel de Abeja

Spongy baked corn cake made with tender corn.  Add a touch of Tia Trini’s honey.



Flan de Carajillo

A creamy custard pudding and what follows, covered with Liquor 43, with caramelized pecans ice cream. Very, very recommended!



Juguitos y Licuadazos

All natural and freshly made

Natural Juices

Orange, Lima, Carrot, Pineapple, Grapefruit, Apple, Orange with Strawberry, Orange with Nopal, Carrot with Orange, Carrot with Green Beets, Green Juice.


Medium $48.00
Large $51.00

Juice Jars

Orange, Lima, Carrot
Pineapple, Grapefruit, Apple
Orange w/Carrot
Orange w/Strawberry
Orange w/Nopal
Orange with w/Green Beet
Green Juice




Strawberry with Water Smoothy

Medium $48.00
Large $51.00

Strawberry with Milk Smoothy

Medium $59.00
Large $65.00

Banana with Milk Smoothy

Medium $59.00
Large $65.00


Medium $55.00
Large $59.00

Las Bebidas Calientitas’n

Café Déolla

Our recipe for this coffee is our best kept secret. Modestly, it is the best Mexican style coffee in the world.


Includes refill

Café Gabacho

Regular or decaffeinated coffee.


Includes refill

Café Gabacho de Máquina

A very gourmet mixture of selected coffee from the high mountains of the Southeast of Mexico.


Refill not included


From the highlands of Chiapas and from the boss’s selection.


Single $47.00
Double $67.00

Esspresso Exótico

With cloves and cinnamon, an original recipe of our Master barista at Los Chilaquiles. With a touch of ginger.



Hot Capuchino 



Capuchino Convento

Hot delicious coffee with eggnog from the convent and a touch of grenadine. Mother Superior says that: «one is not enough» and asks ‘how much is a little?’



Capuchino Frappé

Like everything else over here it has its own House touch.



Trencita de té de Limón Natural

We grow it ourselves. It is natural and freshly cut with all of its nutrients.



Té de manzanilla, limón ó selección de bolsita

Chamomile or lime with natural antioxidants to start your day.



Atole de Vainilla de Vaina

A natural vanilla corn flour drink. Very, very, very good. Try dunking butter gorditas or freshly baked break in it.



Hot Cocoa



Atole de Elote

A very typical Mexican drink. Made out of corn flour. Delicious with tamales.




Hot and comforting drink, made out of corn, delicious chocolate,cinnamon and milk.



In all of our atoles and chocolate drinks we use premium milk from the highlands of Jalisco.

The Refreshing Drinks have arrived, Very Fresh and Refreshing!

Agua de Horchata

Being modest, we believe it is the best agua de horchata in Jalisco. With cinnamon, condensed milk and the house recipe that at the bar it is carefully safeguarded as the «apple of their eyes».



Marzipan refreshing drink
Coconut Cream refreshing drink



Refreshing barley drink

As it was served in the traditional eating places in Guadalajara’s downtown.



Agua de Alfalfa

Let me tell you: Alfalfa is a very digestive plant which is full of antioxidants. Pineapple is a diuretic and anti-inflammatory fruit, it contains bromelain and many other nutrients… This drink is one of the many examples that the tasty and the healthy are never at odds!



Agua de Jamaica

Selected Jamaica flowers from the coast. Besides being very refreshing it contains antioxidants, it cleanses (it helps to eliminate toxins) it lowers blood pressure and cholesterol. It is said that Porfirio, «the almost doctor from San Miguel once asked: is it healthy enough for you?



More Refreshing Drinks

Strawberry, Cucumber with Lemon, Honey Pineapple, Basil with Pineapple, Mint with Lemon.



Refreshing Drinks Jars

Strawberry, Cucumber with Lemon, Honey Pineapple, Basil with Pineapple, Mint with Lemon.



«Special Recipe» Refreshing Drinks Jars

Horchata, Barley, Marzipan and Coconut Cream.






Sparkling Water



Chapuzones y Cazuelas


Called this because everyone likes it. This tequila remedy with honey and natural aloe pulp, «It is said that the bad thing is that it is good.»



Cazuela de Cítricos

With or without Tequila Campo Azul. A refreshing, uplifting, invigorating drink with grapefruit, lima, lemon and coarse salt.


Without Tequila $97.00

Beers and Wine


Corona Clara $48.00
Corona Obscura, Corona Light, Victoria $50.00
Pacífico $56.00
Negra Modelo, Modelo Especial $62.00
Stella Artois $67.00
Cerveza Ultra $67.00

Las Margaritas


Margarita Tradicional, de Jamaica, de Tamarindo, de Limón, de Fresa, de Aguacate.

Wine glass

Red Tantehue
(Cabernet Sauvignon) $82.00

White Tantehue
(Chardonnay) $92.00

Vinos de Ensenada

Wine Bottle

Harmony of Reds
(Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Cabernet Franc) $557.00

Spirit Drinks

Per glass


Campo Azul Selecto Blanco $87.00
Campo Azul Selecto Reposado $97.00
Campo Azul Selecto Añejo $108.00
Campos Azul Diamante $129.00
Cazadores $76.00
Centinela Añejo $108.00
Centinela Blanco $97.00
Centinela Reposado $108.00
Don Julio Blanco $91.00
Don Julio Reposado $103.00
Don Julio 70 $125.00
Herradura Blanco $76.00
Herradura Reposado $103.00
Herradura Plata $117.00
Cuervo Tradicional $82.00
Cuervo Tradicional Plata $82.00
7 Leguas Blanco $79.00
7 Leguas Reposado $97.00


400 Conejos Joven $79.00
400 Conejos Añejo $86.00


Bacardí Añejo $76.00
Bacardí Blanco $76.00


Buchanans 12 $149.00
Chivas Regal $137.00
Etiqueta Negra $103.00
Etiqueta Roja $103.00
Jack Daniels $108.00
JB $89.00


Martell VSOP $179.00


Absolut Azul $89.00
Grey Goose $129.00


Azteca De Oro $105.00
Torres 10 $105.00


* Drinks per glass are all 50 ml.

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